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Group P.T

The fitness industry is starting to move away from traditional weight machines as working muscles in isolation does not replicate how our body moves in our day-to-day environment. As such, the Functional Fitness Studio is looking at a whole body movement exercise package that facilitates our body’s everyday movements and concentrates on building core strength.
Our slogan, “Move the Way You Live” is a summary of this principle, training our body’s to better cope with the everyday stresses that we encounter and place upon it.

With Group P.T, it is a six week program that is designed to increase overall body strength and flexibility. As each member of the group may have different goals, the ‘group’ as a whole will need to decide what they wish to get out of the program. I can then set a program the delivers the best ‘compromised’ results. The best results are achieved when everyones goals are similar, therefore I try and group clients of similar interest.
Most people will be aware that you can never out exercise a bad diet. Diet plays an important factor with the every clients end results. Advice and guidance is given not only to exercise, but with nutrition as well. Clients set their own goals and fitness tests are performed at the start and finish of the program to gauge each individual’s progress.

There is a maximum of four participants within the group. Sessions are run several times a week and each participant can choose to book in and attend one, two or three sessions (as long as there is availability). Every Client has allocated ‘homework’ to do throughout the week and the results are handed in at the start of each training session. This allows me to track participants’ progress throughout the program and to ensure they stay motivated and on track.

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